NWC GLOBAL is committed to the highest quality, safety, and cutting edge patent pending innovative industrial cleaning services.

Industrial Water Blasting & Ultra High Pressure Blasting

The World Leaders in water jetblasting or high pressure water cleaning…..a reliable, cost effective concentrated effort that uses sheer force of water at pressures between 10,000 to 40,000 psi at a rate of 6 - 40gpm.

NWC Global has over 32 years of experience in the industrial service and environmental protection industry. Our field of expertise and on site sophisticated patent pending equipment allows NWC to provide our customers with a safe alternative to conventional cleaning methods.

The technology we utilize offers a safer and better solution for asphalt silo and tank clean outs. Our patented equipment and cleaning technique allows us to schedule your shut down to be faster and more cost effective. We are a full service company that will take your task from start to finish, and you can feel at ease knowing that safety is priority #1. Our goal is to leave your worksite with clean silos and tanks, in addition, you will receive the BEST green cleaning available. Clean tanks equal energy and cost savings.

NWC has traversed the continental United States over the past few years using our non-entry cleaning procedure. Our cleaning process will remove the coke buildup utilizing high pressure water which is then captured along with the debris in a dump trailer. The trailer collection aids in identifying the pounds of removed material and facilitates for easy clean up. NWC will mobilize to your specific asphalt silo or tank facility and our technologically advanced equipment will keep the job green and environmentally safe.